About Us

About Us

A-Teg is an evolving company dedicated to corporate and individual services. It is present in all regions of Switzerland and provides solutions in different areas:

  • As developer, total or general contractor, we support the life cycle of real estate: from development to completion and all the way to refurbishment and renovation.
  • As a professional facility management service provider, we have dedicated maintenance that is necessary for your buildings to operate at their full capacity and value. We offer full management and maintenance services to simplify your work which include Property Services, Cleaning Services, Support Services and Security Services.
  • With our transport and tourism services, we offer our professional logistics experience in the moving and transporting private individuals, firms, or industrial companies throughout Switzerland and Europe. We also offer professional welcome and guest services upon arrival at the airport as well facilitation of suitable accommodations.

With the help of our partners and an extensive experience in services to corporates and individuals - our dynamic and professional team supports you with efficiency in various aspects of work development.

Our team’s priority is to fulfill the interest and expectation of the client. We offer our clients to be on the visionary side of work, allowing us to take on the effort to put it together through a range of services and outsourcing.

We provide quality service and proximity throughout Switzerland and Europe with our flexibility and our independence.

Feel free to contact A-Teg Services for any of your projects.